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Technological processes (often shortened to tech. processes) are indispensable for progression in the game. They are required to use higher clock speeds, additionally increasing stability and, up until 32 nm, reducing design time.

For details on R&D technologies see this page.


Below is a list of all currently unlockable technological processes.

  • Design time is a multiplier where 100% means no effect and lower values mean quicker design.
  • Clock range is a range of possible clock speeds (in kHz) to use with a given process.
Tech Process Design Time Clock Range
15 µm 100% 100-600
10 µm 99% 100-2200
6 µm 98% 200-3800
3 µm 98% 600-12000
1.5 µm 97% 1200-22000
1 µm 97% 2000-34000
800 nm 96% 4000-60000
600 nm 96% 6000-98000
350 nm 95% 9000-210000
250 nm 95% 14000-695000
180 nm 95% 19000-1400000
130 nm 96% 24000-2700000
90 nm 97% 32000-3600000
65 nm 98% 46000-4000000
45 nm 99% 58000-4320000

15 µm has no research of its own, it's the process unlocked by default before 10 µm.

Real-life technical details

In the real world you would most commonly refer to a technological process as a semiconductor process or a process node. The general idea of newer processes being more cost-efficient and boosting performance is the same, but that's a simplification.

While the sizes (e.g. 7 nm) aren't tied to any features in the present day and seem to be arbitrary, they still differentiate the less transistor-dense from more effective nodes. However, comparing different companies' processes is usually misleading as there is no standardization and, for example, Intel's 7 nm process is different from their competitors'.

For more information I recommend this article or this Wikipedia page in general.