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This page contains plans for future releases of Hardware Tycoon. They are very much subject to change.


Planned beta release: Q3 of 2022 (a very rough estimate)

Main concepts:

  • CPU Architectures
  • Ability to sell multiple CPUs at the same time
  • Extending the gameplay until at least Y2015
  • Giving the alternative campaign some love and general backend changes to campaigns to later allow for modding
  • Integration with Hardware Tycoon website's accounts
  • Industry milestones giving benefits (e.g. sale & popularity boost)
  • Making competitors' CPUs subject to the same rules as the player's when reviewed (yeah :|)
  • Mod support in browser releases?
  • LGA Packages
  • Fixing whatever 0.2.12 broke

Lower priority:

  • Tweaking the role and ways of gaining popularity?
  • Making max. bank loan depend on company's capital/overall performance
  • Unifying the UI a little (e.g. out of place tabs in Bank)
  • Better sliders (especially the R&D budget one)
  • Unifying colors and making theme colors work for every UI element
  • Industry Milestones icons
  • Sorting industry milestones by date too
  • Fixing lesser visual bugs
  • High popularity giving a starting hype boost to all products/marketing campaigns?
  • Lots of code refactoring
  • Tooltips scaling based on their content
  • Many many more smaller things that I'll bump into later...

Everything beyond 0.3 is a big question mark for the moment.


Let's all happily live until 0.3 first...

Main concepts:

  • Balancing version 0.3 (the nightmare)
  • Making perfect 100s harder to achieve
  • CPU Details window (to view and compare your and competitors' CPUs)
  • Nicer high score screen

Lower priority:

  • Better preset colors in the color picker
  • More competitors' CPU Descriptions
  • More to come...


Main concepts:

  • Tweaks and smaller features (such as events, release planning, seasonal sale boosts, research queuing, etc.)
  • Better and more save slots
  • More company logo customization options
  • More game settings


Main concepts:

  • Fabs & manufacturing along with manufacturing technology, manufacturing research, asset valuation


Main concepts:

  • Employees & teams, real estate (upgrading offices)
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