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The milestones window as of 0.2.10

The milestones window as of 0.2.10

Milestones help to illustrate your company's growth; they work like achievements.

Company milestones

Company milestones were first introduced in version 0.2.5 and expanded upon in 0.2.10. They work like achievements, being a merely visual indication of progress.

Below is a list of all[1] unlockable company milestones.

Icon Name Description Unlock Requirements
1st CPU Milestone Icon.png 1st CPU This is just the beginning... Release 1 CPU
Milestone CPUDev3.png 3rd CPU Not giving up? Good. Release 3 CPUs
10th CPU Milestone.png 10th CPU Can't stop innovation. Release 10 CPUs
50th CPU Milestone.png 50th CPU Monopolistic practices, huh? Release 50 CPUs
100k CPUs Sold Milestone.png 100k CPUs Sold That's quite a lot! Sell 100 thousand CPUs in total
1M CPUs Sold Milestone.png 1M CPUs Sold That's a big round number! Sell 1 million CPUs in total
10M CPUs Sold Milestone.png 10M CPUs Sold That's enough, you can stop now. Sell 10 million CPUs in total
100M CPUs Sold Milestone.png 100M CPUs Sold Wait, that's actually possible? Sell 100 million CPUs in total
90 Score CPU Milestone.png Golden CPU Develop a CPU that scores over 90 points in a review.
100 Score CPU Milestone.png Perfect CPU A perfect 100! This calls for a company party! Release a CPU that scores 100 points on the initial review
1000 Hype Milestone.png Media Presence Get over 900 hype on a product.
5000 Hype Milestone.png Get Hyped Get over 3500 hype on a product.
10 Research Points Milestone.png The Cake is a Lie Get a yield of 10 or more research points per day.
1000 CPUs Sold in a Day Milestone.png In-Demand Sell over 1000 CPUs in one day.
5000 CPUs Sold in a Day Milestone.png CPU Printers Go BRRR Sell over 5000 CPUs in one day.
100M Money Milestone.png Hundredfold Millionaire Have at least $100M available.
1B Money Milestone.png Billionaire! Have at least $1B available.
25% Popularity Milestone.png Talk of the Town Reach 25% popularity.
100% Popularity Milestone.png Global Brand Reach 100% popularity.
A022 CPU Level 20 Milestone.png The Greybeard Reach CPU level 20.
A023 Valuation 500M Milestone.png Proud Shareholders Be valuated at $500M. Reach $500M company valuation
A024 Valuation 3B Milestone.png Big Fish Be valuated at $3B. Reach $3B company valuation
  1. There is 1 hidden company milestone not listed here.

Industry milestones

Industry milestones were added to the game in version 0.2.8.

Below is a list of all industry milestones along with the products from the default campaign that unlock it (unless the player does it first).

Name First Achieved By Date Achieved
1st Market CPU Inlet i4000 Y1971 M1
10 MHz Mark Inlet 16i 1616 Y1982 M1
100 MHz Mark Inlet Tetrum 4 Pro Y1995 M12
1 GHz Mark Inlet Tetrum 7 Y2000 M11
5 GHz Mark unattainable due to the lack of 5 GHz technologies
16-bit CPU only possible to achieve by competitors as of now
32-bit CPU
64-bit CPU
1st Dual-Core IAM PWR4 Y2001 M9
1 µm Mark NIC W80 Y1989 M2