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Marketing as of 0.2.7

Marketing is available only while designing a CPU.

You can select or unselect all campaign types and regions at once by clicking the respective header label (click 'Ads' to select all ad types and 'Region' to select all continents).


There are 6 campaign types in total:

  • Flyers - $5,000
  • Posters - $13,000
  • Magazines - $50,000
  • Billboards - $150,000
  • TV (Unlocked in 1975) - $400,000
  • Internet (Unlocked in 2000) - $1,000,000


There are 6 regions - continents available:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Campaign Size

Campaign size is adjustable with the slider. It acts as a linear multiplier.

Campaign Effect

The 6 regions you can select each add a different cost and hype value to the campaign, also contingent upon the size, set with the size slider. A campaign adds a hype value to the product in development, which boosts the sales upon its release. The hype value is dependent upon what regions you selected and how large the campaign is.