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The role of high scores is to introduce replayability and differentiate between weak and outstanding playthroughs. They were added in version

High scores get automatically counted up on the day the game ends; as of 0.2.11 that's the first day of Y2011 for both campaigns. You will get notified the game is about to end exactly 1 year before that happens.


There are 8 statistics that affect the base high score. These are:

Parameter Weight[1] Description
Total Profit 0.00062
money you ended with - money you started with - any ongoing loans
Total Income 0.0001 Usually the most important statistic. It's the sum of all your earnings.
CPUs Designed 600
Current Popularity 125 Popularity at the time of counting the high score.
Great Products 1500 Number of products that had a score of at least 90/100 at the time of the high score.
Total CPUs Sold 0.0045
Hype Generated 0.2 Total amount of hype generated for all products.
Research Points Generated 1.75
Average CPU Score 500
  1. Weight is the number the parameter is multiplied by.


The base high score that depends on the parameters listed above is later multiplied depending on the selected difficulty and other game settings.

Difficulty Score Multiplier
Easy x0.39
Medium x1
Hard x1.45
V. Hard x2.1

Game Settings
Setting Score Multiplier
Bankruptcy Disabled x0.87
Infinite Money Enabled (Sandbox Mode) x0.01

Generally, high scores with multipliers "reduced due to game settings" are considered invalid.


When your score is counted you will be assigned a rank based on how good it is.

Score range Rank
<40,000 Did you even play..?
40,000-100,000 Not good...
100,001-150,000 You can do better
150,001-200,000 Getting there...
200,001-260,000 Not Bad
260,001-360,000 Nice
360,001-480,000 Good!
480,001-600,000 Very Cool!
600,001-850,000 Amazing!!
850,001-1,200,000 Superb!!!
1,200,001-2,000,000 Master.
>2,000,000 ar e you cheating?

Online leaderboards

Since 0.2.11 it is possible to submit your score to the online leaderboard.

Simply click the submit button that rolls down while the final score is counted, input your name, and click send.