Hardware Tycoon Wiki

Hardware Tycoon Mod Tool allows you to easily add packages, and research required to unlock them, to the base game. It was released alongside Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8. It's currently more of an experiment and will be developed further in the future.

If you want to learn how to make your own mod, check out the modding guide.

For help on installing mods look here.

HT Mod Tool can be downloaded from itch.io.

Version History


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.12

Released: February 1, 2022

  • Increase the package limit from 50 to 100
  • Add package enumeration
  • Add small gaps between packages in the list
  • Ability to speed up scrolling the package list by holding shift
  • Fix "researched" checkbox not being set properly when editing packages from loaded mods
  • Fix package images not showing the right package in package editor in some cases
  • Fix some packages reverted from custom types when editing them


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.12

Released: January 23, 2022

  • Support for HT 0.2.12
  • Fix R&D collision checks taking self-collisions into account in some cases
  • Fix being unable to remove research in some cases
  • Format package cost numbers
  • Don't make the scroll bar jump to top every time after editing or adding a package (may bug out the scroll bar but oh well)
  • Changed scroll bar color, made it longer, and smoothed out its scroll
  • Shortened maximum mod name and author length


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.11

Released: December 24, 2021

  • Fix mods made for versions lower than 0.2.11 not being loaded in correctly
  • Add possibility to change the supported version of HT in mod options
  • Visual adjustments to the package list
  • Fix the notification window getting scrolled along with the package list


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.11

Released: December 21, 2021

  • Support for HT 0.2.11 (new package images and research Y positions)
  • Removed possibility to create packages with research with negative X positions
  • Capped research unlock year at 2100
  • Code refactoring


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.10

Released: August 7, 2021

  • Support for HT 0.2.10
  • Collision detection of research - check for overlaps on the X axis (only for mods supporting HT 0.2.10+)
  • Notifications about going over max X value for package research
  • Notifications for invalid package names
  • Add automatic inferring of supported HT version from loaded mod (instead of defaulting to the newest one)
  • Possibility to force add a package with minor issues by right-clicking the add button
  • Decreased max custom package name length to 14 characters (from 16)
  • Minor visual adjustments in package creation (e.g. text alignment and font size)
  • Load webfonts on created texts
  • Custom app and loader icons
  • Add a link to itch.io in main menu credits


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.9

Released: February 12, 2021

  • Fixed a bug where editing a custom package type would break its research
  • Fixed unchecking the 'researched' checkbox when editing not removing the research properly
  • Basic tooltips
  • Score/Cost value gets displayed properly for floating point numbers
  • Fixed minor text alignment issues


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8-0.2.9

Released: February 11, 2021

  • Support for HT 0.2.9
  • Selectable HT versions (supports every release from 0.2.8 to 0.2.9)
  • Labels in new mod creation
  • Basic feedback when using illegal characters in mod name
  • Visual adjustments


For Hardware Tycoon

Released: May 5, 2020

  • Support for HT
  • You now need to double-click to delete a package (so you don't delete one by accident)
  • Small changes to the main menu & link to the modding guide


For Hardware Tycoon

Released: April 21, 2020

  • Support for HT
  • Tiny optimizations


For Hardware Tycoon

Released: August 13, 2019

  • Support for HT
  • If package's stat value is invalid, automatically set it to a valid one
  • FIX: being able to click main menu buttons while transitioning
  • FIX: in some cases, it was impossible to delete a package


For Hardware Tycoon 0.2.8

Released: December 4, 2018

  • Basic functionality: creating packages, research, saving and exporting them, editing and loading mods.