Hardware Tycoon Wiki

The debug console is an in-game console that can be accessed using the F2 or "\" key (backslash). Here, you can input commands that are useful for debugging.


As mentioned above, the console can be used for debugging. More uses include increasing your money, time skipping, and unlocking all research early.


The list below shows all the commands that are displayed after typing "help" into the console.

Command Syntax Result
clr N/A Clears Console
dat dat [yyyy/yyyy mm dd] Skips to specified day / year
db/debug N/A Toggles debug mode
fl N/A Toggles fullscreen
func func [name;*param1;*param2;*...] Calls function
help N/A Shows user all commands and syntax
ld ld [name] Loads the game from a debug slot
lv lv [value 0-100] Sets CPU level
mb mb [value > 1] Sets R&B budget (for some reason it doesn't allow you to go over 250000)
mc mc [value >= 100] Sets Max Cpu Clock (in kHz)
mn mn [value] Sets Money (SETS not ADDS)
nm nm [value] Changes company name
po po [value 0-100] Sets popularity
prt prt [name;r/c;value] ???
pu N/A Unlocks all packages
res res [u/l] Unlocks or Locks all research (u - unlock, l - lock)
sv sv [name] Saves the game to a debug slot
ts ts [value 0-10] Sets time scale
v v [name] Toggles visibility of the specified object, for example "v console" hides the console
x N/A Closes console