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The bank is accessible at all times. It has got three tabs: loans, taxes, and other.


The loans tab as of 0.2.9

You can take and repay loans in the Loans tab.

At the beginning of the game the maximum loan you can take is $500,000. It increases by a fixed amount depending on the difficulty setting every year.

The interest rate, deducted every month, is set at 2% and does not count as loan repayment.


The taxes tab as of 0.2.10

You can view how much tax you will have to pay next year based on your current balance or pay it manually if the Automatically pay tax on the first day of the year checkbox is unchecked.

In the event of failure to pay tax before the 3rd month of the year, a fine in the amount of 33% of the due tax on top of that tax is automatically paid.


Currently the only purpose of this tab is to give the ability to repay bailouts.

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